Cherng Ji Rollformer

No. 47 Chu Nan Rd., Jen Wu Dist., Kaohsiung City, Taiwan

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End Products


Guardrail Guardrail Roll Forming Machine Cherng Ji manufactures guardrail roll forming machine with high quality. Guardrail is a road barrier which is designed to protect the vehicle from driving out of the roadway.

Door Frame

Door Frame Door Frame Making Machine Door frame making machine: The metal door frame is used to the different door frame and window frame which has a lower cost.


Gutter Gutter Roll Forming Machine Gutter roll forming machine: A classic gutter which is designed and suited for new houses and can be cut based on client length requirement.

T Bar

T Bar T Bar Roll Forming Machine T bar roll forming machine: T bar is used on the ceiling hung below the structural ceiling at home or in the office.

Shutter Door

Shutter Door Shutter Door Roll Forming Machine Shutter door roll forming machine: Shutter door is widely used for construction building or factory which is good at easy operation.

Floor Decking

Floor Decking 屋面浪板製造機 專業屋面浪板製造機械製造商:金屬浪板廣泛用於鋼結構或工廠。全球市場上有許多不同類型的浪板。 Profile 1 Profile 2 Profile 3

C Purlin

C Purlin 護欄滾輪成型機 護欄滾輪成型機:成機工業生產高質量的護欄滾輪成型機。護欄是一種道路護欄,旨在保護車輛免於駛離道路。 Profile 1 Profile 2 Profile 3 Profile 4 Profile 5

Z Purlin

Z Purlin 護欄滾輪成型機 護欄滾輪成型機:成機工業生產高質量的護欄滾輪成型機。護欄是一種道路護欄,旨在保護車輛免於駛離道路。 Profile 1

Stud And Track

Stud And Track 護欄滾輪成型機 護欄滾輪成型機:成機工業生產高質量的護欄滾輪成型機。護欄是一種道路護欄,旨在保護車輛免於駛離道路。 Profile 1