Door Frame Forming Machine

  • These traditional door frames are usually made of wood(Not fire-proof and anti-corrosive) or plastic steel(Not fire-proof but anti-corrosive).
  • However, the door frame forming machine developed by our company can produce metal door frames with multi-functions such as fireproof, anti-corrosion,anti-burglar, etc.


Owning the advanced of technology, Cherng Ji is capable of making complicated production of door frame finish at one time indoor frame roll forming machine, which leads to labor cost and time largely saved during the production. With detailed calculation and design, smooth production leads to the high quality of the finished product is the best way to keep the relationship between Cherng Ji and our clients. We believed that the door frame roll forming machine is the best solution to present to our clients.

Steel Door Frame Roll Forming Machine

Steel Door Frame Roll Forming Machine Profile
Sheet Thickness 1.2~1.8mm
Forming Speed 12~20m Per Minute
Roller Shaft Dia ∅60mm
Roller Stations 20~26
Motor Output 25~30hp
Length * Width L:8M
Single Head Uncoiler 3.5Ton