Ridge Machine

  • Highly customized based on the client's profile.
  • Easy operation and easy maintenance.
  • PLC control.


Ridge roll forming machine is mostly used in roofing with the encaustic-tile-like corrugated plate. Cherng Ji has already made an effort to apply the latest hydraulic system and develop the new technology of the main roll forming machine which contributes to a good performance and well stability of the finished product.

Ridge Roll Forming Machine

Ridge Roll Forming Machine Profile
Sheet Thickness 0.3~0.7mm
Forming Speed 3~5m Per Minute
Roller Shaft Dia ∅60~70mm
Roller Stations 10~20
Motor Output 7.5~20hp
Length * Width L: 8~12M
W: 1.4M
Single Head Uncoiler 5~8Ton