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No. 47 Chu Nan Rd., Jen Wu Dist., Kaohsiung City, Taiwan

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Single Layer Roofing Roll Forming Machine CHJ-A-18

  • Highly customized based on the client’s profile.
  • Easy operation and easy maintenance.
  • Normal speed 20-24m/minute and high-speed 50m/minute.
  • A profile such as trapezoidal profile and sinusoidal profile, conceal roofing.etc.
  • PLC control.

Product Description

For the past 30 years, Cherng Ji has developed a highly mature single-layer roofing roll forming machine which is especially improved at the tolerance of components in order to increase the performance of the machine. Furthermore, Cherng Ji is also dedicated to enhancing the hydraulic system and control system for the single-layer roofing roll forming machine. It is our ultimate goal and responsibility to fulfill the clients’ requirement. Cherng Ji has also developed multi designs with different production speed to meet clients’ needs. The client can choose to have fly shear roll forming machine if facing a large number of products which production speed is over 50m/minutes. Single-layer roofing roll forming machine is the best machine to meet the demand worldwide.

Product Feature

Product Specification

Sheet Thickness 0.3~0.8mm
Forming Speed 20~24m Per Minute
Roller Shaft Dia ∅75mm
Roller Stations 15~25
Motor Output 10~20hp
Length * Width L:8~10M
Single Head Uncoiler 5~8Ton