Horizontal & Vertical Crimping Machine

  • This machine is used to roll the shaped steel house plate into horizontal strips through bending mold by oil pressure.
  • The distance of rolling will decide the bending degree of products.
  • It also has the radian character of small bending and large bending.

Horizontal & vertical crimping machine is used to crimp the roofing product into obverse or reverse shape according to client requirement. With PLC control, it is easy to set the dimension to crimp the roofing. It is also designed to change the Crimping Mould quickly to have the obverse shape or reverse shape of roofing. Horizontal& vertical crimping machine is the excellent choice we are proud of presenting to our clients.
Sheet Thickness 0.3~0.8mm
Forming Speed 1~10m Per Minute
Motor Output 7.5~10hp
Length L:3M
Width W:1M
Height H:1.7M